Serving the World's Poor Profitability and Turkish Trailblazer: Boosting Rural Areas through Business Investment

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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SERVING THE WORLD’S POOR PROFITABILITY & TURKISH TRAILBLAZER: BOOSTING RURAL AREAS THROUGH BUSINESS INVESTMENT At the bottom of the pyramid there are millions of people who are consuming, buying in a specific manner. In this manner, there is a huge market which is very good for the multinationals. The main questions are about the whether they are capable in consuming or not. In other word these poor people can afford the prices of these goods. On the other hand, there are many problems in these countries like government collapse, civil war as mentioned in the writing which is Serving the World’s Poor, Profitability. Actually it has to be said that it is possible generating huge profits in these market because of very high demand. Actually this fact has a problem that these people have enough money to consume or not. The solution to the this problem is related with keeping cost at very low level. And the economic situations of the company is the other side because it is not possible to control some big and macro problems. However there are many ‘positive trends’ in developing and poor countries. They have to improve and sustain a safety economic situations to catch big actors from the world. On the other hand they are very willing to provide many resources to big companies. Many times its very logical to make business in these country. On the other hand, companies can adapt themselves with new IT technologies and so on. So the problem focuses on producing in low cost in not safety economic environment with competitiveness. And also the reactions of the people living in these countries in unpredictable. Because of lack of information, communication and infrastructure, sometimes companies cannot sell their products with they expect. If we can talk about a little the writing Turkish Trailblazer: Boosting Rural Areas through Business Investment, we can mention about it briefly as: There is female entrepreneur who is Ms. Bektaş. The success of...
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