Serving in the Army

Topics: Sarah Palin, John McCain, Nathaniel Fick Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: July 15, 2012
1. Give an outline of the various views on serving in the army presented in the three texts. Text 1 is about Sarah Palin giving her opinion on why young people in America should be motivated to join the army. Her own son enlisted himself, and she uses him as an example. In the text she elaborates on, “[…] they are doing much more than defending a piece of land. They are defending the idea of America itself”. Text 2 is about Ryan Kahlor. Today, the two combat tours in Iraq defines who Ryan is, “[…] a walking billboard for virtually every affliction suffered by today’s veterans”. In the text, we see how Ryan struggles to get a normal life again. The parents are also influenced by Ryan’s damages. Text 3 is about Nathaniel Fick. It’s about how Fick became a man in the Marine Corps. He went to one of America’s finest schools, but he wanted more. Eventually, he decided to join the Marines, “I wanted to be a warrior”. The Marines taught Fick everything about life; being a man, sacred brotherhood, and especially about the words “duty” and “honor”. 2. How does Sarah Palin engage the reader in text 1? Illustrate your answer with examples from the text. Sarah Palin tries to talk to your patriotic feelings, “Americans are patriotic but not necessarily ideological. We find inspiration and motivation close to home, in our families, our communities, and our faith”. This should go straight into your heart and make you want to fight for your country. This engages the reader, because all young men and women in America grew up under proper circumstances - they know what it feels like having everything for a living. She appeals to Americans that they should support their American values, by supporting the soldiers that are dying for their freedom. She also involves her own personal life by talking about her son that enlisted himself to the army. That could prove that she knows what she is talking about, “[…] the reason he serves starts with his family. He...
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