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  • Published : February 23, 2007
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While examining Case 1- Emmy's and Maddy's First Service Encounter, it became evident that by using the Servuction model this case could be further analyzed. In this case there were several factors, both visible and non-visible, that led to the service experience. In this particular case there seemed to be a number of great experiences as well as a few sour experiences peppered throughout. By breaking it down further into the 4 segments of the Servuction model, we can further see how this special trip to the hospital played out.

Servicescape refers to the use of physical evidence to design service environments. There were several key uses of servicescape in our case. Here ambient conditions come into play such as room temperature and music. Some seemingly negative servicescape experiences could include when the father was sitting in the waiting room with the T.V. muted and all he could hear was the sounds of a screaming woman in labor from the next room. When the fourth floor room was small, dingy, and dirty and the staff was not prepared to deal with the situation, or when the Grower Room had inadequate supplies and blankets would all be considered negative servicescape experiences. On the other hand, some positive servicescape experiences were when the nurses took photos of the baby and taped them to the mother's bed post so she could look at them, when the babies received quilts from Quilters by the Sea, and when the nurses made signs for each of the babies. These are all servicescape examples that either contributed negatively or positively to the service experience.

Contact personnel are employees other than the primary service provider who briefly interact with the customer. In our case there were mainly negative service experiences with these contact personnel. For example, what we consider a negative experience was right off the bat with the security guard. He showed no compassion that his wife was in labor and was only concerned that...
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