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In today’s times it is impossible to imagine a world without the use of cellular phones. Mobile or Cellular phones have today gone from being just a prestige buy for some to becoming one of the most essential things that we need in everyday life. But what would mobile phones be without the network service provider? The answer to that question is absolutely no where. They could be used to play games, store numbers may be even take photographs but without the service providers they would be of absolutely no use. Among the many service providers of the world one of the prominent names is Vodafone. Vodafone Australia is one of the most used network service providers in Australia. Likewise, World wide it is one of the most recognized cellular network service brands in the world. Worldwide Vodafone is solely focused on just one thing mobile technology. Their aim to provide new wireless services for people who are looking for freedom and flexibility to be able to operate, communicate and access information anywhere and anytime. Vodafone group was established in the UK in 1983 and has equity interest in 26 other countries to date. Apart from which it has partner network providers in 13 other countries which means they have an unprecedented customer base of more than 155 million people. Vodafone Australia has been a very important player in the cellular service provider business since its entry into the market. It still continuous to be one of the most trusted names in the world of cellular network providers in Australia and around the world. Ever since its market entry the cellular market in Australia has grown rapidly. Vodafone was awarded the third Australian telecommunication carrier license in December 1992. In September of 1993 the company began providing GSM mobile telecommunication services with network in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. By March of 1994 Vodafone had already expanded to cities like Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. The company even offers GPRS services on its network to its customers as which allows the customers using Vodafone to be able to access the internet on the mobile and be able to transfer data way quicker than that of the GSM providers. More than 3 million customers are connected to Vodafone, which is almost a 17 per cent share of the Australian mobile market. Market Analysis

Vodafone has achieved the tier one status among the total of 7 vendors in the current analysis of the voice solutions market assessment report. Current Analysis is the leading competitive response solutions company delivering rapid, tactical and action oriented intelligence on highly volatile markets.According to Current Analysis, "The market for business mobile voice solutions has proliferated considerably from simple tariffs and all-mobile mobile VPNs to a new breed of more sophisticated products, which include fixed-line calling and integrated fixed and mobile pricing propositions." SWOT Analysis


Technical knowledge: The technical knowledge of Vodafone as a company is very high compared to its competitors. One of the most important reasons for Vodafone’s success in the industry of telecommunications service is because of the technical expertise they have as a company which has been in the forefront of introducing newer service facilities in the market to its customers. Infrastructure: Owing to the fact that Vodafone is one of the biggest service providers in the whole world they have the advantage of having one of the biggest infrastructure in the world when it comes to cellular network providers. Branding: The brand image which has a major effect on the target market when it comes to a service organization is definitely something that is very strong with Vodafone. It is one of...
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