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the heart of the services product is the experience of the customers which takes places in real time . The concept of services capes was developed by booms and bitner to emphasize the impact of the environment in which a service process takes places . They defined it as 'the environment in which the services is assembled and in which seller and customer intersect , combined with tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the service In the service encounter the customers is in the factory and is part of the process production and consumption of the service are simultaneous where the firm and the customer interact (Baker and Cameron 1996 ) It encompasses several factors related to the delivery of service which includes all the physical , behavioral , and emotional aspects that surround services delivery The research is purely based on the idea of “Servicescape” which has emerged as an important concept for understanding customers behaviour in service industry. Service providers should build environments that develop environments that appeal to consumer pleasure and arousal states while avoiding atmospheres that create submissiveness. The construct environments should be such that, it facilitates the operational ease and efficiency of the firm. Today the Business thinking has changed; it has come closer to the customer or to be more apt to the consumer. It can be observed that the consumer’s decision making for purchasing a product or service is not limited to the tangibility but to the whole product including the environment of delivery.

Similarly the place or physical environment where product or service is delivered is of great importance. As said by Philip Kotler “One of the most significant features of a total product is the place where it is bought or consumed. In some cases , the place, more specifically the atmosphere of the place is more influential than the product itself in the purchase decision. In some cases the atmosphere is the primary product”. The above quote signifies the importance of servicescape in selling of a product or service. Booms and Bitner defined a servicescape as "the environment in which the service is assembled and in which the seller and customer interact, combined with tangible commodities that facilitate performance or communication of the service" It includes facilities exterior (landscape, exterior design, signage, parking, surrounding environment) and facilities interior (interior design & decor, equipment, signage, layout, air quality, temperature and ambiance). The aim of this research is to focus on how important is servicescape in terms of atmospherics in zara that impacts consumer’s perception and attitudes to buy this service. It is quite important for this industry to concentrate on physical attributes apart from food served consumers are quite sensitive about the ambience, lighting, decor, music These factors may drive the motivation and decision making aspects of consumer behavior , as well as the time spending and the experiences at the end .

it constantly changes in to make the experience of visiting the museum more enjoyable and fruitful each and every time

the physical environment doesn t just influence customers , it influences employees as weel . idealty the business enviroment should cater simultaneously to the needs of the employees as well as the customers customers and employees perceive the environment holistically as a composite of three dimensions . ambient conditions , spatial layout and functionaity , sign , symbols and artifacts. each dimension may affect the overall perception independently ans or through its interaction with the other dimensions . ambiant conditions: they are notable when they are extrem hot cold ect.., when the customers spend large amount of time in them , when they don t match one s expectations spatial layout and functionality :

important self service setting , complexity of task , situation...
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