Service Request Sr-Rm-022 Part Two

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  • Published : July 9, 2012
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Service Request SR-rm-022 Part Two
Jennifer Wherley
July 2nd, 2012
Joseph Duer

Riordan Manufacturing is seeking a new system that will consolidate all of their Human Resource related data. Currently, the data that will be a part of the new system is spread out through different departments of the company. The new system will allow this data to be saved in a central location, while only allowing viewing access to certain employees. The access will be much the same as currently in place, but located in a single system. Lastly, the implementation of the new system will be not be a quick process, because it would be safer the company completes a test run to few end users before completely releasing the system. Companies should not try to quickly consolidate data center operations (Lemos, 2009). System Data

The data that will be input into the system is anything of which relates to the Human Resources Department daily functionalities. Currently, much of the data that is consolidated is input into an HRIS system. This system will transfer the same processes and data into the new system. The data/process that will be transferred from this system include pay rate, personal and organizational data, hire and seniority dates, available vacation time, training and development documentation, and personal exemptions. Any changes made to the aforementioned data can be requested by department managers through the new system.

Other areas of the company will have to include data into the new system. The processes they utilize to keep this data will be the same, just within the new system. The system will only allow them access to the specific data that they already had responsibility over. This data includes FMLA absences, ADA accommodations, job analysis data, compensation data, salary surveys, complaints, harassments, and grievances. Specific data viewing, altering, and inputting will only be given to department managers, compensation...
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