Service Request Sr-Rm-022, Part 1

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Running head: Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1

Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1

Riordan’ Summary4
Mission Statement5
Raw Material6
Manufacturing RFID/Barcode Requirements8
Shipping Process / Dispatching Process9
Flow Chart11
Flow Chart Continue13

Riordan Manufacturing Industries is a worldwide manufacturer of plastics who employs 550 employees and they are a Fortune 1000 enterprise. Presently, there are three sites that they manufacture from in Hangzhou China they manufacture fan parts made out of plastic. In Pontiac, Michigan they create plastic parts for customer and in Albany, Georgia they produce plastic beverage container. On the other hand their corporate is located in San Jose, California and this is where all the development and research is created. At this time this Riordan Manufacturing Industries revenues is $ 1 Billion and a yearly earnings of $46 million. All though Riordan Manufacturing Industries is a Fortune 1000 enterprise and a global manufacturer of plastic they currently do not have an integrated system that brings all the sites together as one. This summary will discuss Riordan Manufacturing’s current process and the recommend system.

Riordan’ Summary

Riordan Manufacturing is in the plastics manufacturing business and has been in this field for more than 20 years. The company has been very profitable company nevertheless, for a few years they have not achieved their profit or sales and it has been extremely hard to keep the ethical aspect of the employees along with retention. Riordan’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Riordan is an advocate for his company he believes that in order to stay competitive in today’s world they have to be current with the most current technology and make sure that their customers and employees are satisfied.

One of the main areas of improvement for Riordan is communication. They are a global, company they are not just within the United States, and they are also abroad in several countries. There is a great need for efficient communication among all of their locations. Riordan needs to upgrade their systems and make them more modern Team C will recommended a course of actions that will assist them in making money, showing a profit instead of just breaking even, and allow them to remain the leader in plastic manufacturing.

After Team C completed their research at Riordan Manufacturing they discovered that the hardware and software currently in place at Riordan Manufacturing Industries is not up to date. Updating the hardware and software will be beneficial to Riordan in replacing the existing hardware and software will assist with inventory, finances and communication. The areas that Teams C will be focused on within Riordan Manufacturing and that we have found to be a concern is Raw Materials, Manufacturing/ Inventory and the Shipping / Dispatching process.

Furthermore, after implementing this change Riordan will be a more modern company and increase their current profit immensely and this will also ensure Riordan Manufacturing to stay number on in the plastic industry. Upgrading Riordan OS will also assist them with their global portion of their company and support the need for them to communicate with their other office with a more up to date operating system..

In conclusion, Team C will discuss how the implementation of the new database within Raw Materials will allow them to connect all offices and track their inventory. Also, updating the software for the manufacturing and inventory section of the company to assist with keeping the product accounted for. The last area for that has been improved on electronically is the shipping process and this is a very important area because this is the final step before Riordan’s plastic ware is on stores shelves an in the...
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