Service Request Sr-Kf-013

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  • Published : June 6, 2012
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Service Request SR-kf-013

Reginald Widgeon, Samuel Smothers, Shiloh Pogue, Qulana Johnson


January 25, 2012

Timothy Thacker

Determination of Requirements

In the Service Request for Kudler Fine Foods it is important to know the determination requirements of the project. The analyst need to identify the specific analysis methods used to determine user needs. The objective of a Service Request is to develop a new system for Kudler to track customer purchases through a Frequent Shopper Program to redeem loyalty points. To meet the goal for the Service Request analyst need to identify the specific analysis methods used to determine user needs. The basic process of analysis involves three steps: * Business Process Automation – understanding the existing situation * Business Process Improvements – identify the improvements * Business Process Reengineering – define the requirements

The First step, Business Process Automation is geared toward knowing the as-is situation of the current system. First the analyst need to determine the current situation in Kudler “Problem Analysis”; right now the as-is issue is to increase more sales. How can we make the customer shop more in Kudler? After finding out the problem the next step is to find the nature of the problem “Root Cause Analysis” Root Cause Analysis focuses on the issue of the problem not the solution. The root causes in Kudler as a gourmet store is having perishable foods with a short shelf life. To avoid losing profit Kudler need to sell products that customer wants to buy. If the customers will buy more products it will increase the profit.

The Second step, Business Process Improvements is to identify how to improve more sales in Kudler. Through the implementation of the Frequent Shopper Program should help maximize the profit of Kudler. It will improve profit; customer based, and inventory system.

The Third step, Business Process Reengineering. The current system...
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