Service Request

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  • Published: February 16, 2013
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Service Request

Service Request SR-rm-022 Darren Jackson BSA/375 Eric Secrist December 15, 2012

Service Request
Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer employing 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. The company is wholly owned by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion. The company was founded by Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry, who had obtained several patents relative to processing polymers into high tensile strength plastic substrate. Riordan Manufacturing Human Resources Information system (HRIS) system was installed in 1992. It is a part of the financial systems package and keeps track of the following employee information: * Personal information (such as name, address, marital status, birth date, etc.) * Pay rate

* Personal exemptions for tax purposes
* Hire date
* Seniority date (which is sometimes different than the hire date) * Organizational information (department for budget purposes, manager’s name, etc.) * Vacation hours (for non-exempt employees)

If any information needs to be changed, the changes are submitted in writing on special forms by the employee’s manager and then those changes are entered by the payroll clerk. The training and development specialist uses and Excel worksheet to keep training and development records. Applicant information for open positions is kept by each recruiter. The applicant’s resumes are filed in a central storage area and recruiters keep an Excel worksheet to track the applicant’s status. Resumes are filed in a central storage area, and an Excel spreadsheet is used to follow the status of applicants. Service...
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