Service Quality in Consulting

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Service quality in Consulting:

What is engagement success?

By Ron McLachlin (2000)

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Research Question3








The success of a consulting engagement is a vague idea as it may vary depending on whether it is viewed from the perspective of the client or the consultant. Hence, this paper sets out to examine the service excellence of consulting by addressing the perception of success in a consulting engagement. This involves identifying whether the consulting engagement has met the client’s expectations and address the core needs, and similarly the consultants’. The author also takes into consideration the distinctions between types of consulting, client expectations and needs, and short- and long-term revenue streams.

Research Question

The focus of this research has been narrowed down to answer the following question:

“What is engagement success in consulting, from both the client and consultant points of view?"


The research is conducted simultaneously by two phases.

The first phase involves explanatory interviews that were conducted with seven consultants and one client. The consultants were contacted based on their representations in a membership directory of certified management consultants, as engaging in services in typical operations management areas. The client on the other hand has experience engaging in such services, specifically for just-in-time (JIT) implementation. The interviews were open-ended, standardized and lasted about one to two hours. The results are then recorded and transcribed into various categories.

The second phase utilizes literatures of a number of disciplines, ranging from human resources,...
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