Service Quality for School Medical Services, Philippine Setting

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Clinic is one of the services of a school that most of the students go to avail. The students doesn’t actually pay for them when they go there but the clinic fee is included in the miscellaneous of their tuition fees, so, technically speaking it is a profitable organization inside the school. Even when the student use their clinic services or not, they still going to pay for it through their tuition fees.

That’s why the researchers found it important to measure their performance, whether it gives the impression that it does its function well or not, in the eyes of its customers, which are the students of Mapua Institute of Technology. The researchers also tries to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of the clinic to further improve their service and to suggest where should they focus on.

SERVQUAL is an instrument of measuring service quality as the gap between the customers’ expectation and the performance they perceive to have received. The principle of SERVQUAL is that their respondents should rate their expectation of the given service and then rating their perceived performance of it. The relationship of the two is their ratings should be calculated as the difference of their scores. Better quality yields to smaller gaps.

SERVQUAL measures five dimensions which are the following: Tangibles, defined as the appearance of the physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials. Reliability, defined as the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Responsiveness, defined as the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. Assurance, defined as the knowledge and courtesy of the employees. And empathy, defined as the individual attention that the institution provides to its customers. (Carlos, 2011)

SERVQUAL was designed to measures customer’s perception of quality from a certain service experience. Its original format was finding the gap between expectation and perception while service is being delivered. While adaptation from the original ServQual, there were serveral concerns, these issues would cause indeterminate respondent bias.[Herng-Ching Lin 2004] The SERVQUAL instrument is reliable in measuring customer’s perception. It has a difficulty in measuring customer’s expectation and fails to make substantive research contribution. [Sudha Xirasagar ,James N. Laditka , 2004] SERVQUAL has its detractors and is considered overly complex, subjective and statistically unreliable. The simplified model however is a simple and useful model for qualitatively exploring and assessing customers' service experiences and has been used widely by service delivery organizations. It is an efficient model in helping an organization shape up their efforts in bridging the gap between perceived and expected service. [Nyeck and Morales, 2002]


The researchers selected the Mapua Institute of Technology’s clinic and adapted Parasuramans’version of SERVQUAL consisting of twenty two questions in five dimensions of service performance to study at.

The five SERVQUAL dimensions of performance wherein the 22 questions were distributed are as follows: * Tangibles – questions 1-4
* Reliability – questions 5-9
* Responsiveness – questions 10-13
* Assurance – questions 14-17
* Empathy – questions 18-22
This research seeks to answer the question: Does the students of Mapua receives the service they expect from the school clinic the way they expected it, and are the dimensions which are rated high has an importance to the student. To answer those questions, the researchers used a survey questionnaire to collect data from a population of one hundred clinic users inside the Mapua Institute of Technology. The chosen students to answer the survey are with random programs but those one hundred samples were divided into two, fifty samples for girls, and fifty samples for boys.

The reason of the selected...
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