Service Quality and Guest Satisfaction on Resorts in Sarangani Province

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Seaside resort Pages: 26 (8044 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Tourists Satisfaction on Service Quality of Beach Resorts
in Sarangani Province

An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the
Faculty and Staff of Business College
Notre Dame of Dadiangas University

In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree
of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


Pillado, Clarisa
Procianos, Cherry Rose
Remolana, Mariel Mae

March 2012



Title Page i
Approval sheet
Table of Content
List of Boxes
List of Figures iii
List of Tables iv

Chapter 1. The Problem and its Setting

Introduction 1
Statement of the Problem 2
Importance of the study 3
Scope and Limitations 4
Definition of Terms 4

Chapter 2. Conceptual Framework and Related Studies

Conceptual Framework 5
Related Literature 7
Review of Related Studies 23

Chapter 3. Research Design and Methodology

Research Design 26
Research Locale 26
Respondents of the Study 28
Sampling Technique 28
Research Instruments 29
Data Gathering Procedure 30
Statistical Data Treatment 31
Data Analysis and Interpretation 32

Chapter 4. Analysis, Presentation and Interpretation of Data 33 Chapter 5. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations
Summary 44
Conclusions 45
Recommendations 46

Bibliography 47
Appendices 50




1Conceptual Framework 6

2Research Design 27



1Tourist Satisfaction 30

2Interpretation of Tourist Satisfaction 32

3Age 33

4 Gender 34

5Marital Status 35

6Nationality 36

7Educational Attainment 36

8Income Bracket 38

9Occupation 39

10Accommodation 40

11Facilities 41

12Food and Beverages 42

Chapter 1

This chapter presents the introduction, statement of the problem, significance of the study and, scope and limitation. The operational and conceptual definitions of the terms used in this study are also indicated in this chapter.

Tourist destinations are developing and promoting the tourist satisfaction on service quality of beach resorts by the people as a means of attracting and enhancing visitor experience. This is also because tourist satisfaction on service quality of tourism is being used as a tool to boost local economy and has the potential to aid in the seasonal and environmental spread of tourism (Long and Perdue, 1990). As satisfied tourist tend to transmit their positive experience to others and to repeat their visit (Alen Rodriguez & Fraiz, et al, 2007). The literature reveals that the level of tourist satisfaction with a particular trip is the result of different factors (Peter & Olson 1996) which are generally assessed as a comparison between the tourist’s perceptions of the product and services and the expectations generated before and during his trip (Brasky & Labagh, 1992, et al,). Tourism had also become a popular force in every country, continent, and region worldwide. The success of the tourism industry gives a good impact to increase the tourist destination income, employment to the locals and government revenues. Destination acts as a huge part on the tourist satisfaction on service quality of beach resorts. However, some tourists are not satisfy anymore due to overcrowding, cleanliness and aesthetics, aspects of the visit most liked/least liked, sites visited, activities undertaken, expectations of returning, security, pricing, and accessibility. Thus, it results to the interrelation of the tourist satisfaction on service quality of beach resorts. However, in the past years, perceived value has been emphasized as the object of attention by the researchers in tourism. In some studies, measurement of satisfaction is argued and must be in combination with the measure of perceived value as it plays the moderating role of tourist satisfaction on service quality of beaches...
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