Service Quality (3 Stars Hotel Industry)

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Service quality

Service quality is a measure of how well the service level delivered matches customer expectations, and delivering quality service means conforming to customer expectations on a consistent basis (Lewis and Booms, 1983). By using the 18 quality factors provided by Johnston (1995), service quality can be viewed in these factors and divided into four types, these types are define as delighting and dissatisfying whether the incidents came from customers (Lockwood, 1994). This is an important indicator of customer satisfaction.

(i) Hygiene Factors
The hygiene factors are essential to services to customers; absence may lead to customers’ dissatisfaction whilst presence does not increase their satisfaction. In the hotel industry, the following factors are in this category: Access, Cleanliness, Comfort, Security, Aesthetics, Reliability, Integrity and Availability.

Most customers in hotel are business and leisure travelers. If hotel has a highly accessible location, such as close to MTR station or bus stop, customers may be delighted. Moreover the hotel entrance must be clearly equipped with directional signs because customers may have heavy belongings with them and clearly directional signs can minimum the customers’ efforts to find the hotel after a travel.

Cleanliness and comfort are highlighted as an important element influencing hotels. According to the research ‘An importance-performance analysis of hotel selection factors in the Hong Kong hotel industry’ (Chu, 2000), cleanliness of the guest rooms is the first priority by both business and leisure travelers when selecting a hotel, especially at bathroom and toilet (Lockyer, 2003). Also cleanliness of public areas like front entrance, lobby or lifts will leave the customer a good first impression of the hotel.

Customers are concerned with security. It is important to keep guests and their personal property safe as hotel is their second home during their stay. Hotel must maintain...
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