Service Plan Proposal for Jobstreet.Com Philiipines (Campus Segment)

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Unemployment Pages: 68 (17355 words) Published: May 13, 2013

By Dhing L. Patulot
March 2012

Chapter I

The recruitment landscape in the Philippines is proven to be a rolling one. Introduction of Internet and economic conditions redefined this landscape and gave birth for online recruitment industry. Philippines Inc. is one of those businesses that thrived from the changes of recruitment capabilities. Philippines Inc. began in 1999 with a noble mission of Improving Lives Through Better Careers. With this mission in mind, the company aimed to provide quality service for the jobseeker segment of the industry. Through the years, the company gained positive reputation in the market and as a result, the company is continuously hailed as the No.1 Jobsite in the Philippines with most job postings, most jobseeker database and most number of employers or recruiters. However, being the market leader in the industry is never an impediment to limit marketing efforts but a lead to improve more and maintain its current standing. Because of this, the proponents propose this service plan with the goals of increasing usage, increasing or expanding market share and providing additional revenues. To make these goals attainable, the proponents would like to implement several tactics, strategies and programs for the company as Service Development Programs ( campus Webpage Enhancement, Scholarship Integration Movement, Card and 65K Challenge) and corresponding advertising strategies for each programs.

Aforementioned marketing efforts are aimed to be implemented for the benefit of the company and of the primary, secondary and tertiary target markets. However, there is no established budget for the marketing activities of the company, thus, the proponents assumed 7% of the revenue (Php405, 000,000) amounting to PHP 28, 350,000 as the budget for the whole marketing activities for all segments. Since the proponents only focused on the campus segment, the proponents likewise assume a 20% of the total budget for marketing activities (PHP 28, 350, 000) amounting to PHP 5, 670, 000 as the campus segment marketing budget. The assumption is based on studies established in Chapter 6 of this proposal and to the equal distribution of budget among three jobseeker segments. In addition, the segment focused by this proposal is considered as self-liquidating segment of the company, meaning estimates of profitability will computed by determining the total revenue from privilege career card and career congress proposal amounting to Php 9, 922, 096.25 and then deducting the total expenses amounting to Php 6, 110, 918.00. Through these, the proponents arrived at a 62.37% increase in revenue which amounts to Php 3, 811, 178.00. To evaluate and monitor results of the proposal, the proponents provided Gantt charts, KPI and Statistics monitoring table which are to be filled out for the monitoring of results.

Chapter II

This chapter presents the proponents‟ analysis of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the industry, service business or company ( Inc., Philippines) and competitors. The analyses for each aspect were consisted in three sections: First section tackles the industry and its characteristics wherein the proponents delimited major analysis on the target market (Jobseekers specifically the campus segment) and to a minor discussion of the counterpart target market (Employers) for some sort of clarification and identification, due to the broadness of the industry. Moreover, the proponents‟ analysis on this section were based on unbiased studies administered by companies and prevailing facts and statistics that the government sector specifically, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) provided, as public documents. These were also considered as the proponents‟ alternative...
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