Service Operation Management

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Service Operation Management

Report Writing:
Satay King Restaurant (沙嗲王)

Table of Content

| Page | |1.0 Introduction 3 | |2.0 Service Concept 4 | |2.1 Organizing idea and Service concept 5 | |2.2 Service experience & Service Outcome 6 | |3.0 The key inputs and process 7 | |3.1 The critical of input in the service process 7 | |4.0 Assessment of the implementation 9 | |4.1 Categorize of the general style of Satay King Restaurant Industry 9 | |4.2 Performance assessment 11 | |5.0 Suggestions and Improvements 13 | |6.0 Conclusion 14 | |7.0 Bibliography and references 15 |

1. Introduction

Satay King (沙爹王) is one of a famous chain of restaurant in Hong Kong with 20 years history, owned by Satay King (Holdings) Ltd and which is founded in 1991 by founder Cheng Chit.

The restaurant was expanded rapidly, and now there are 7 stores in Hong Kong and 300 staff. The location of the chain stores are always in busy centre, where are Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, Jordan, Tsuen Wan, Kwun Tong and Causeway Bay. Their signature dishes, homemade white curry sauce pork, there always be long queues of customers waiting for enjoying the dining when daily peak hours. Apart from the popular dishes, white curry, the mixture dishes of Malaysia, Thai and Vietnamese etc delivered delicious dining experience to customers.

The food quality is not the only that the founder concerns, but also image of the restaurant, in 2002, a local re-imaging, decoration of each store were renovated in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ theme with the design of wooden bathtub, manger, prison etc to relocate the image of the restaurant, younger people was attracted to, the age group of customers are younger from 18 age to 45 age after re-imaging.

From the information from Satay King’s website advised that the person-time is almost 220 thousand per month and the turnover is more than 1 billion Hong Kong dollars per month.

2. Service Concept

A clear service concept is very important to an organization, as it is in regard to the shared understanding of nature of the service provided and service received. It should be provided in sufficient detail, so that service concept can be made clear what organization is providing and what customer is receiving. (Johnston & Clark, 2008)

According to Johnston & Clark (2008 p.42), service concept can be illustrated with a summary table, the following adopted the same approach as for Satay King Restaurant:

|Organisation : Satay King | |Organising idea : More food choices, unique dining experience, good quality of food...
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