Service Marketing

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It is not possible for an economy to be entirely based on services, because an economy must need a certain support from product based industry for balances, such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, forestry, fishing & mining.


It is not a sign of weakness when a national economy manufactures few of the goods it consumes, as developed countries have seen their service economies grow rapidly, and it dominates in most of the countries’ GDP value. But it required a certain non-service economy in the country to be able for the continued outputs. 這不是一個劣勢的表現當一個少產品生產量的國家經濟,發達國家以服務為主的經濟逐漸增長,和支配着大多數國家的國民生產總值,但是仍需要某程度上的非服務性的經濟來繼續向外經營。

1) – high technology and or having relatively skilled workforces - Required transaction costs
- more high profile consumer (for investment purposes)
- new jobs are generated by services (significant training and educational qualifications) 高科技,或擁有技術相對熟練的勞動力

2) Government policies – 增強客戶對服務的信心和經常使用服務,供應者會擁有更加強的挑戰環境,新的公司更容易的進入市場。 Social changes – 充許公司建立對客戶更密切的關係,此外,陪訓員工達到更高水平的服務和額外的工作小時可以增加一些兼職的機會。 Business trends – 搜索新的收入來源,例如額外的收費。運輸服務的改進和投資新的技術去取代員工。 Advances in Information Technology – 進階的市場和維修服務的需要,除此之外,服務的供應商需要投資和維持安全性和信譽的網站。 Globalization – 增加服務的規模,在本地市場培訓員工增強他們的技術、能力和服務標準。


3) A service is rented rather than owned - intangible (cannot touch); not for one-off; continues using this service in the future (short term / long term); the services you received may not actually owned by yourself; may subject to some of the protection from the provider of the services

For example: rent a flat, request a loan, bank accounts, electricity & water, buses etc 一個服務是租借而不是自己擁有的,是因為它是一個無形的資產(不能接觸),它不是一次性的收費服務,客戶長期或短期繼續使用這個服務。接收的服務不一定屬於自己,另外,有一些供應服務商會提供保障性的服務。


4) People processing – must enter the service factory, a...
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