Service Marketing

Topics: Hotel, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 12 (4425 words) Published: November 2, 2013
1. Executive Summary
This report examines the concept of Customer Service Management based on customer involvement with Hotel-81. Researches in this report include academic journal articles, press release, newspaper report and textbook references dated no later than year 2008. In order to attain value co-creation, examinations of Critical Incidents and Zone of Tolerance behaviour in service encounter were used to study the target audience of Hotel-81. Models such as the SERVQUAL, Servicescape, Service Blueprint and Service Encounter traits were adopted to highlight the variables, limitations and strengths of Hotel-81. By applying the above stated studies and models adoption, the group critically evaluates how hotel-81 manages its customer service strategies of which that shapes the organisation. 2. Introduction

In recent growing years, regardless the discipline of a business organisation, the elements of customer service provision aids the final consumption decision accepted by the customer (Wild 2010). Pragmatically, most organization support customers through the assistance of substantially trained employees. The elements rendered by these inter-organisation supporters include - providing online, telephone support, face-to-face interactions and hands-on demonstrations to guarantee customer satisfaction (Claridy, 2009; Wild 2010). Incomparably to product disciplinary based organisations, service disciplinary based organisations impact customers directly though intangible elements - pertaining to the fact that ‘service’ is the organization ‘product’ (Claridy, 2009). According to Claridy (2009), customer service has been classified into ratings of excellent to poor. With excellent service encounters, customers are usually impacted by good impression attributes and that eventually lead to repeat patronage. However, poor customer service occurs when the organization is incapable of meeting the needs and wants of customers. At the same time, employees that lack substantial knowledge of the organisation’s products portray negativity in the eyes of customers. Negativity of image usually suffers the possibility of repeat patronage (Claridy, 2009). In hotel industries, besides providing quality accommodation, provision of outstanding services is essential as the main source of revenue growth and statistical patronage rely mainly on the core service disciplinary (Maniu and Andreea, 2012). Running accommodation service as a core disciplinary organisation, Hotel-81 has been knowingly recognised for its price sensitive costing and convenient locations incomparably to renowned hoteliers. Patrons mainly accommodates at Hotel-81 for the price sensitive costing element as well as the quality assurance provision. This report aim to focus on the importance of customer involvement in service encounters, critically analyse the interrelationship of consumers and Hotel-81 as well as value co-creation that will strengthen the relationship of Hotel-81 and the targeted audience. 3. Customer Service of Hotel-81

At Hotel-81, besides facilities provision, service providers of Hotel-81 play important roles in an evaluation of satisfaction. As mentioned above at Section 2, the focus of service disciplinary based organisations differs from product disciplinary based organizations are that intangible elements are the core evaluating indicators for consumption decision purchases. As shared by Moeller, the four characteristics of intangible services include intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability and perishability (Moeller, 2010). Intangibility: Hotel-81 provides services to customers such as helping customers with the procedure of checking-in and out of the hotel. It also means attending to customers’ needs and enquiries through tactical explanations. Product disciplinary based organisation differs in a way that service providers cannot test out the functions of a brand new juicer in order to solve customer’s queries. Heterogeneity: To...
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