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  • Published: March 12, 2013
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Lariego, Roxanne C.
Patron, Justine Blasé L.

Dona Julia Varagas Avenue, Pasig City
Mrs. Relly Magundayao(Travel Agent) , Mr. Rick St. John and Ms. Amani Suliman 1. Empathy: How do you show your concern on your customers? Regularly communicating that we care about our customers' success strengthens our connection to them and differentiates us from competitors who only reach out when they want to sell something. We give away helpful advice in our e-mail newsletter, as well as on our blog site ( and Facebook page, information that will better our customers' lives. We anticipate our customers' questions and concerns and offer useful information to educate and guide them. Ask them what they'd like to learn more about from us. Showing customers you care should be an ongoing communications effort not a once a year occasion the way we celebrate Valentine's Day. Whatever you do, be sincere. 

2. Responsiveness: How quick do you response to your customers? And what are the ways do you do to maintain it? We listen to what our customers are saying about us in surveys, on our blog site or on facebook page, e-mail or anywhere else they give feedback. We publish survey results and answer our customer questions in our e-mail newsletter. Then we respond our customers promptly when they contact our business, whether it's a complaint or a compliment. We show them we are listening and that we care. If there's a problem, we fix it so they can go away happy to return us. Lastly we adapt our business based on our customer feedback to better meet their needs. We communicate the changes we are making based on what they've asked for.

3. Reliability: how do you meet the customer’s expectation? First, we don’t make promises/guarantees that we can’t fulfill. Our failure to make good on a promise marks us as a liar, it is one of the worst labels to receive. When our customer can’t trust us, they won’t do business with us unless there is no one else is available. Honesty truly is the best policy. Customers appreciate it beyond measure and are more likely to do business with you again when you do them the courtesy of telling them the truth.

4. Tangibility: Do you think that the facilities that the agency have are convenient enough to satisfy the customers?

I think that our facilities are really convenient enough to satisfy our customers because we ensure that they will feel comfortable and safe with us. But of course improvement is good so I think we should continue improving our facilities to maintain our customer’s satisfaction.

5. Assurance: How do you assure the safeness of your customers? Does your crew and staff knowledgeable enough on the field assigned to them? Our employees such as our tour guides that are delivering customer service had training that allows them to perform their task well and to give customers satisfaction. We assure safety by hiring professional employees so that our company will have a strong foundation.

Feedbacks coming from there Customers:
A testimonial coming from Mr. Andres and Ms, Mila Salvador
“Thank you! Thank you very much for booking such a wonderful adventure in the Philippines. What we received, saw and did was beyond both for our expectations. So much so that my wife would like to return again next year. We managed to catch somewhere in Megamall or in the streets of Manila a day or two before departure and a dead computer at home that I failed to turn off before leaving on our trip.” We have traveled on three awesome places here in the Philippines which is Bohol, Boracay and Palawan. Bohol is Awesome! There were so many good memories and experiences … William, our driver in Bohol was very knowledgeable, and above all a very good diver. Michael at the Bohol Butterfly Farm was the funniest and certainly the most entertaining. The staff at the Amoritta Bohol Resort was excellent and the food was so good we never went elsewhere to eat....
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