Service Learning Report

Topics: Calloway County, Kentucky, PBS Kids Sprout, Sidney Poitier Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Service Learning Report
1: The organization’s name and mission statement
My service learning place named Memorial Baptist Church. We are working for the His Glory Farm project, which is planned to be a fourfold endeavor to relieve both physical hunger and spiritual hunger through community involvement and contributions.

2: The organization’s history, purpose, and programs and/or services. The operation center for His Glory Farm project is located 10 miles north of Murray, KY in the Hickory Grove Community.Martin and Ginger Severns purchased the farm in 1994 and immediately devoted the farm to the Lord for His use. Since this time, church and school groups have enjoyed camping, class meeting, bonfires and prayer events on the farm. As a class project in the past, a Sunday school class took responsibility to feed out calves donated by local cattle farmer and pastures on this farm to be dressed and distributed among hungry families. Over 1,000 pounds of processed beef was distributed over a two year period to needy families in Calloway County, KY. In 2011, His Glory Project distributed tomatoes, corn, potatoes, and green beans to hungry families in Calloway, Marshall, and Pike Counties in Kentucky.

3: The reason that the organization was chosen.
I had three reasons to choose this organization. The first reason is my major knowledge can be useful on its project. My major is Environmental Engineering Technology. I have high level physical and chemical knowledge, and I also took the courses like: Field Management, Nature Planting Control, Water Quality Control and Wastewater Treatment. This is a good chance for me to use my major knowledge in the real life to helping other people. The second reason is I really interested in their project. When I was a little boy, I liked playing outside. I expressed keen interest in plant and the bugs between bosk. I liked to watching them and recording them day by day. The project gave me a good chance to...
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