Service Learning (Reflection)

Topics: Education, Curriculum, Requirement Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: November 20, 2011
On our first meeting with Mr. Dante Rarangol, he mentioned one of the essential requirement that he obliged us to do, is to work and serve other people whole heartedly not just for the sake of our grades, but also for the sake of ourselves. He let us realize the feeling of after-serving. The feeling of fulfillment after you serve because you’d extended your arm for the people in the community. He wants us to feel and love what we are doing because only in loving our job is getting that feeling of fulfillment. We discussed on our first meeting “What is Service Learning”, he also informed us about the new curriculum the one they had attended at their seminar. It is all about “The Environmental Education and Information Division, DENR”. Our NSTP 2, as he said, is focusing on providing mechanism in sustaining quality in an environment. He reviewed us about Service learning. Some of us, including me, forgot about our lesson that he taught last semester. Service learning is a method of teaching, learning and reflecting, frequently youth service, throughout the community, so basically it is a “knowing and doing”. He also ask for “what is a community”. He defined it as a social group, determine by geographic boundaries and common interest and values.

We are all lucky that our blocks section’s professor is Mr. Rarangol. He mentioned that there is still some conflict about the schedule because he is also being assign in the 3rd year subject, but still he chose us. He brought up all the possibilities of being a medical technologist. On the other side of it, one of his requirements is to make a reflection every meeting, minimum of 3 pages. At first I really don’t know what I’ll be putting to; to fill up 3 pages. However, Mr. Rarangol is kind enough, as always, that we have a 30 minutes allowance before he check our attendance to him. Of course, we should not take advantage of his kindness. We should do our part as his students.

On our first meeting with Mr....
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