Service Learning Experience

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Service Learning Project Report

Agency: Community Action Agency

Objective 1:
(Identifies 2 or more areas of learning related to classroom content): 1). Infection control
2). Proper body mechanic/safe lifting technique.

I volunteered my service at Community Action Agency. Part of my tasks involved unloading, unpacking and repacking meat/food products into individual freezer bag so that they can be handed out later when a person comes to pick them up. During the unloading and unpacking process, I have to ensure that I maintain proper body mechanic and use proper lifting techniques while lifting the boxes in and out of the freezer to prevent body and back injuries. This can be related to classroom content because we learned and discussed this in class in order to properly transfer patient and prevent back injuries.

Another area of contents would be infection control. While packing meat and meat related products into the freezer bag, I have to make sure to wash my hand thoroughly prior to performing the assigned task, I have to make sure to put on clean gloves and wash my hand after completing the task. I also have to make sure to avoid cross contamination of the food by not mixing meat with vegetable products. This is all infection control related techniques used to prevent foodborne bacteria or infection.

Objective 2:
(Identify 2 or more unmet needs of the community)

1). Assisted with food packing in order to prep them and have them ready to be handed out to those in needs, the facility lack funding to hire new employee, thus they are short of help and my service met with their lack of funding.

2).Assisted with handing out pre-packed food to the people that came to pick them up. This service helped with the unmet need of lack of organization/food storage. Good food storage and organization helped facilitate and speed up services to the community.

Objective 3:
(Identifies how self-esteem and self-confidence improved for yourself and...
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