Service Learning Essay

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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Senior, Class of 2011
Community Service Learning Essay

Community Service Learning experiences are beneficial to both students and the community. It is an opportunity for us to be helpful and caring in every way. With the help of my school and the clubs that I joined, I have gained more knowledge and experienced numerous skills that I have not learned at home. From Weekend Warrior, school clubs, and teachers, I have earned an eighty hour worth of service learning.

In the beginning of January, our very generous principal, created a program called Weekend Warrior. This program enhanced our skills in proper cleaning and it improved our body strength which evoked us to be more muscular. This effectual activity continues every Saturday until the week before our graduation. I have attended this for seven times and I have taken advantage of this to fill up the forty-hour time I need in order to graduate. It is actually fun being in this delightful activity, especially if you are with your friends. I had some random moments with them that are absolutely remarkable. All the funny talks, breaking things, and those adventitious times are very much memorable.

All the clubs that I joined, such as American Red Cross, Video Production, and Future Business Leaders of America, nourished me some good service learning activities which added several time in my hours. For American Red Cross Club and Future Business Leaders of America Club, we did some beach and campus clean-up that totally refined our glorious environment. For Video Production Club, I have learned to be more professional in filming important events at school such as Cultural day, Parade of Books, Halloween Fest and more. From having such good and unforgettable memories, it is really great to be part of these clubs.

During Spring Break, Video Production class has been moved from the second floor of the library to room D104-105. Since I have nothing to do at home, I voluntarily helped my instructor for...
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