Service Learning

Topics: Self-esteem, Education, Social responsibility Pages: 4 (1276 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Service learning is a course that benefits ones skills. It improves the skills immensely and or helps form more. However, it doesn't just benefit the skills but benefits the person as well. It helps give the student an opportunity to find his or herself throughout the service-learning projects. Although, everyone doesn't use service learning, it aids those who do. A student should be involved with service learning because he or she can acquire both mental and social skills that develop or increase throughout the service-learning project. The skills achieved through service learning are skills that play an exceptional part in a student’s life in both school as well as home.

Throughout the process of service learning, students can grasp a hold of different ways to improve their personal development.” Students who engage in service-learning are more likely to increase their sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy” (Shaffer, 1993) benefits of participation in service). Senior Week was one of the main projects that benefited me greatly. Throughout senior week many responsibilities were given to the group and therefore myself as well. The events had to be planned as well as different times to meet up and go out accordingly. Materials received throughout the project must be kept in an organized fashion so when the event happens, the students have the necessities already there ready to go. It also gives the student the ability to recognize whether or not he or she needs to organize him or herself as well. Having the task to do the Scavenger Hunt, organization was an important skill to use throughout this process. I had to brainstorm different clues to create for the task at hand. Improvisation was greatly used as well as quick thinking. Although, my clues were altered, I bared the responsibility of the outcome. The result of the scavenger hunt was enriching as well as the entire senior week. The different activities and events gave way to self-satisfaction as faces...
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