Service Encounter

Topics: Human resource management, Hotel, Quality of service Pages: 11 (3910 words) Published: April 14, 2011
1| Executive Summary| Page 3|
2| Introduction| Page 3|
3| Definition of Perceived Service Quality and People management tools| Page 4| 4| | |
| Dimensions of Perceived Service Quality| Page 4|
4.1| Reliability| Page 4/5|
4.2| Responsiveness| Page 5/6|
4.3| Assurance| Page 6|
4.4| Empathy| Page 6/7|
4.5| Tangibles| Page 7|
| | |
5| Gap model of service quality| Page 7/8|
5.1| Gap 3: Not delivering to service standards | Page 7/8| | | |
6| Conclusion | Page 8|
7| Bibliography| Page 9|

Service quality has become highly important nowadays and from numerous studies, we know that the quality of service delivered to customers is critical to the successful performance of an organization. (Heskett, Sasser, and Schlesinger, 1997; Schneider and Bowen, 1995). Hospitality sector is all about people as they provide service to their customers and especially for a 5-star hotel providing high quality service is fundamental. Therefore, its employees should demonstrate exceptional service behaviour that would enhance customers’ perception of service quality in the hotel. In order to create a service climate that would encourage positive service behaviour in employees, people management tool could be used. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to analyse the key determinants of service quality and identify the human resource management practices that can be used to enhance employees’ service behaviour and consequently, service quality perceived by customers. INTRODUCTION

The provision of excellent service quality and customer satisfaction has become imperative for the service industry. This is so, because customers in the service sector also actively participate in the delivery and consumption service and hence, this interaction provides them an opportunity to critically assess the service quality level within a particular organization. Although, it has been a very difficult task for researchers to give a clear definition for service quality unlike in the goods sector, there are the fundamental characteristics of services that are undeniable, that is, intangibility, heterogeneity and inseparability and hence, quality is the a continuous process of identifying, fulfilling and satisfying customer’s needs. The rapid evolution of service quality in industry has forced organisations to continuously measure and evaluate service quality encounters in order to stand firmly in the competition and this is only possible when service provided is meeting customers’ needs and expectations. Different researchers have developed different conceptual models in order to be able to measure service quality. The concept of gap model and perceived service quality (PSQ) are two of the most efficacious models that can be used to measure service quality. Service quality gap is defined as the difference between customer expectations and perceptions of service. If expectations are greater than performance, then perceived quality is less than satisfactory and customer dissatisfactions occurs (Parasuraman et al., 1985; Lewis and Mitchell, 1990). On the other hand, the concept of perceived service quality is “A customer’s judgement of the overall excellence or superiority of a service” (Zeithaml, 1988:3; Schneider and white, 2004: 46). This concept demonstrates 5 determinants namely, Empathy, Assurance, Reliability, Responsiveness and Tangibles. Now, that service quality has been defined and how this can be measured, the main issue is how to enhance customers’ perception of service quality in a 5 –star hotel. This is so, because the level of competitiveness is becoming higher and higher and the delivery of hospitality service is through people, it is undeniable issue that management of people especially the ones interacting with customer is vital. Therefore, the aim of this report would to be find and...
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