Service Encounter

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Service Encounter:
A service encounter is defined as the period of time that a customer interacts with a service (Shostack, 1985). The definition of a service encounter is broad and includes a customer’s interaction with customer-contact employees, machines, automated systems, physical facilities, and any other service provider visible elements. It involves all the activities required to perform a service.

6.Finding Seat
7.Movie Starts
9.Buying Snacks
10.Wash rooms
11.Back to seats
12.End & Exit

Service Encounter Triad:

Encounter Dominated by the Service Organization
The revenue model of multiplexes is based on the concept of Economies of scale & cost control. To be efficient and to control costs, multiplexes standardize service delivery by imposing strict operating procedures. This severely limits the discretion of the contact personnel. Customers are pre¬sented with a few standard service options from which to choose, and person¬alized service is not available. Much of their success has re¬sulted from teaching customers what not to expect from their service; however, much of the frustration that customers experience, labeled as "bureaucracies," is the result of contact personnel having no au¬tonomy to deal with individual customer's needs. Contact personnel in such organizations may sympathize with the customer but are forced to go "by the book". In multiplexes, employees mostly follow a script. Script is concerned with the use of key words and phrases which both participants recognise, and in effect can be used by employees to guide the customer through a transaction. They have scripts for every transaction that guides the basic conversation. Multiplexes also prepare scripts for emergency situations such as bomb threats, fire alarm and handling customer complaints because during service interruptions, panic or stress can interfere with the...
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