Service Diary

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Name of service firm:Air Lingus
Type of service:Airline
Date and time of encounter:03/06/10 10.00 am
Price of service:105.00 euros

Brief Encounter:

After a year in Australia, it was time to face the 24 hour flight home, so my friend and I booked our tickets which consisted of travelling with two airlines. We flew with Quantas to Germany and the second flight was on Air Lingus direct to Dublin. On the second flight home proved not so pleasant.. We boarded the flight which was a small plane, and waited to take off. The crew began by counting people on the plane with a pen and paper. After about ten mins we noticed a few cabin members go to the back of the plane, since we were at the top of the plane we could not see what was happening. There was no announcement made by the captain or any other member of the airline as to why we where delayed. After an hour of waiting an ambulance member walked on to the plane and escorted a woman off the plane. It was then I heard from a passenger what had happened. The woman had an ear plug stuck in her ear and wasn’t able to remove it. The woman returned after fifteen minutes , and it was only then we heard from the captain over the intercom, that we had misses our time slot because of the delay and we had to wait a further twenty minutes to be cleared to take off. When we did eventually take off the remaining of the flight was fine.

Level of Satisfaction:
I would describe my level of satisfaction with this encounter at the lowest end of the scale at 1. Extremely dissatisfied with the service I received from Air Lingus.

Reaction to Encounter:
I was very angry at the time as I had already been travelling for a day and just wanted to go home as quick as I could. I was tired and frustrated . If the members of staff had handled the situation better I wouldn’t of felt so angry and upset. I feel like they were not acting in a professional manner to keep all the passengers from getting agitated because the delay. If they had kept us up to date with why we were being delayed I would have been more understanding .

Would I go back?
I would give it a 3. As price would be a major factor being a student I probably would consider using there service again. If there was a cheaper alternative I would choose them over Air Lingus. Air Lingus could off improved by clear communication to all passengers. Offer a complementary refreshment . Offer an apology. Also give a continuous update of the progress.

Service diary 2:

Name of Service firm: Scissor Sisters
Type of Service: Hairdresser
Date and Time of Encounter:
Price of Service:100 euro

I wanted to get my hair done for my sisters birthday. I decided to go to Scissor Sisters hairdressers in Athlone town. Upon arrival I was greeted by a friendly woman. The woman asked me my name , and gave me a seat right away. My stylist then came over to greet me. She was very friendly and listened to what I wanted to do to my hair, she also had some suggestions of others ideas I could do. I then agreed on the colour and the cut. She gave me a magazine and asked if I would like tea or coffee while she prepared the mixture for my hair. She returned five minutes later and started to apply the colour to my hair. She was very attentive and chatty. The colour took only fifteen minutes to apply, and she left it to colour. The stylist returned twenty minutes later to check if everything was setting ok and offered me another drink. When it was ready she asked me to follow her to the sink area to wash it out, while making sure the water wasn’t too hot. I then went back to the seat to get my hair dried. As my hair started to dry I started to notice that my roots were no touched up well, I could still see them.

Level of satisfaction
:I would give them a 2, because I was very pleased with the front of house service I received upon entering the hairdressers but very unhappy with the...
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