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  • Published : October 17, 2008
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Service Encounters
The majority of my service encounters are classified as search and experience categories. My postexperience evaluations of the total encounters were surprisingly positive. I say surprisingly because I am a selective customer before and even more so now that I am learning the service marketing concepts. Not to say I am an activist complainer; although, I do appreciate excellent predicted service qualities that fall just short of my desired expectations. A number of my service encounters began with recognizing existing physiological and social needs. Information search was not risky and automatic. The service providers I spent my time at are my acceptable evoked set of alternatives. I know it is safe to return to my choice of service providers because I have experience previous evaluations that perform within my zone of tolerance. During my encounters in restaurants, on the phone, in department stores, and in cyberspace my marketing senses were alert. Some experiences were long, complex, mundane, and fun. The other few experiences had poor assembled performance. Overall, I learned how to become a critic to the company’s businesses.

Two specific service diaries that stood out compared to the other diaries were H-E-B and Torilla Fresca. Both had uniquely excellent service satisfaction. On a daily bases, Torilla Fresca immediately impresses me. My experience based norm for this cafeteria shop is high. The women servers are very sweet and full of energy. It could be seven in the morning with a line backed up forming a 10 minute wait and yet the wonderful women are without a doubt cheerful to every customer. Not once have I seen them rush an order. The best service quality dimensions are empathy and responsiveness. They understand students need to move in and out as soon as possible for classes. When I am next in line, I have an open conversation with them. The mornings I choose to have breakfast, I will always...
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