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Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

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Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

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Chapter 2 Service Characteristics of Hospitality and Tourism Marketing OBJECTIVES:
Describe a service culture.
Identify four service characteristics that affect the marketing of a hospitality or travel product. Explain marketing strategies that are useful in the hospitality and travel industries. Ritz-Carlton is renowned for outstanding service.

othe chain of eighty-five luxury hotels around the world, caters to the top 5 percent of corporate & leisure travelers In surveys of departing guests, some 95 percent report they’ve had a truly memorable experience. At Ritz-Carlton, exceptional service encounters

have become almost commonplace.
owhen Nancy & Harvey Heffner’s son became sick, hotel staff brought him hot tea & honey at all hours of the night Such personal, high-quality service has also made the Ritz-Carlton a favorite among conventioneers. Since incorporation in 1983, Ritz-Carlton Company has received all the major awards hospitality industry & consumer organizations bestow. Rewards are important, and at Ritz-Carlton, service quality has resulted in high customer retention: omore than 90 percent of Ritz-Carlton customers return

odespite hefty room rates, the chain enjoys occupancy
rates at 70%, almost 9 points above industry average
Most of the responsibility for keeping guests satisfied falls to Ritz-Carlton’s customer-contact employees. Ritz-Carlton instills a sense of pride in its employees. o“You serve,” they are told, “but you are not servants.” othe company motto states, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.” To ensure guest satisfaction, no detail is too small.

ocustomer-contact people are taught to greet guests warmly and sincerely, using guests’ names when possible, to answer the phone within three rings, with a “smile” oemployees are urged to escort a guest to another area

of the hotel rather than pointing out directions
opride and care in personal appearance is emphasized

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