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Nowadays, it is easier and easier for people to travel abroad. Thank to the globalization, the amount of foreign tourist is continuously increasing in some developing as well developed countries. Along with many benefit and joyfulness that traveling abroad brings to them, there are many disadvantage of it that suffer to the foreign tourists, especially, when they do not get some knowledge about the journey, destinations… before traveling. People desire to travel abroad because they can take the exciting adventure to discover the new lands, meet the native people, and enjoy the food and culture here. One of the most attractive features toward foreign tourists is architecture. In particular, the architectural design between The East and The West is quite different and each country has its own specific architecture, therefore, it brings enthusiasm and high satisfaction to12 traveler when they set foot in the strange nation. Other excellent factors that the tourists want to experience when they travel overseas are food and customs. The food are over the world is so diversity and its process too. Trying once time and remembering all the rest of life is the common travelers’ state of mind. Even though the foreign food is taste or not, the feelings when they eat are the exciting, unforgettable memory. Besides, strange customs also bring the fresh experiences for traveler during the journey. In the other hand, before and during the journey, the foreign tourists have to do many preparations in order to prevent some problems about the excess cost, travel documents and the security. Although a trip abroad nowadays is so far more convenient and easier than a few years ago, travelers must make sure about the information on passports, visas, international driving permits and a variety of other documents they will need when they travel outside the country. Besides, getting knowledge already about the destination is one of the useful manners that tourists can avoid the bad...
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