Servant Leadership

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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What Servant Leadership Means to Me

Leadership is more than simply being in charge. Its most important aspects are humility and trustworthiness. Being seen, however, is not one of the aspects of leadership. The best leaders are the ones who do things behind closed doors without bragging about their accomplishments. Someone is always watching and looking at you as a role model, even though you may not think so. True leaders are not swayed by peer pressure. They don’t always go with the most popular answers, but their decisions are based on doing what’s right. Leadership is the act of standing out amongst others. There are many followers but only few leaders.

Leaders have to have a servant’s heart. Without that quality then as a leader one will not be successful. In order to be a servant leader one has to be willing to help others at all times, but they also have to help others out of love. Without love it is impossible to be a servant leader. Servant leadership is one of those things where one does not necessarily know why they are serving others, but it comes natural and their heart tells them to serve. It is important to be a servant first and a leader second. Servants put others before themselves. They are constantly helping others to improve. The reward of being a servant leader is seeing the one being served grow as individuals and become servant leaders themselves. Servant leaders have big responsibilities to their followers and society as a whole. Being a leader is a privilege, not a right. I consider myself as being blessed by being placed in the position to be a Servant leader.
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