Sermon Winthrop

Topics: God, Chosen people, Christian terms Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: April 22, 2013
John Winthrop began his and his fellow Christian's journey with words meant for comfort, guidance and inspiration. What he delivers is a speech of timeless philosophy and life-guiding principles. He expounds upon one common lesson that will be the reacurring theme to his hearty words, that we must love and honor all around us, friend or foe in order to succeed in our societies and in particular, The New World. In telling the excited yet wary Puritans that God has made it human nature for there to always be the fortunate and unfortunate, he sets the stage to empower the listener's as "God's chosen people." He is ultimately preparing them to bear the burden and gift of a "covenant with God" so that God may manifest his spirit among them in what is to be "a city upon a hill." Winthrop is insightful in weaving together supporting passages from the Bible, such as giving all you can to those in need, putting aside your own interests for God and Love being the bond of perfection. Not only is he knowledgeable of the meanings of their sacred Bible but he knows how to answer the people's worries and questions. Particularly their concerns about just how much they should be giving away and just how much they need to sacrifice to satisfy the Lord. Winthrop uses an interesting combination of commerce and kindness in his replies to the people. For example, Winthrop stresses how important is to love thy neighboor and give to him when he is in need, but he also tells the people to not over extend themselves. In other words, do not give your house to a homeless person so you and your family will be forced out onto the streets, but rather do what you can for them without putting a stranger before you loved ones. He guides the people to not only be generous whenever they see need of it but to be generous in their love for God by putting his will before their own. They must put aside any petty desires of their own to better themselves in serving the Lord. But part...
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