Sermon on the Mount

Topics: Positive psychology, Psychology, Happiness Pages: 1 (425 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Sermon on the Mount

The “Sermon on the Mount” is very interesting to me and captures my attention. On the mount Jesus warned us about one of the biggest obstacle that would prevent us from following him and that’s the snare of materialism. He warned us against it by counseling us not to be anxious about tomorrow or about what we will eat and wear but to keep on seeking first the kingdom and his righteousness. He gave a warning example in his illustration of the sower, speaking about the “anxieties, wealth and pleasures of this life.” He also taught us to pay attention to ourselves so that our hearts never become weighted down with overeating, heaving drinking and anxieties of life. In the parable of sower, Jesus pointed out some deadly difficulties to appreciation. Trials and tribulation is something we all face but appreciation for the privilege of serving God’s kingdom is also snuffed out by the anxieties of this life, the deceptive power of wealth and materialism. It shows us the ones that listen to the word and take it up are the ones who will benefit. In today’s world the illustrations that were given in the sermon is something to keep in mind. Most societies today including myself, sometimes get caught up in the materialistic world that we live in. There are advertisements, the television, books, magazines and other types of media that’s constantly there enticing us with products that we don’t need. The sermon on the other hand is a reminder on why we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be influenced by the media and have more appreciation for spiritual things. Just as Jesus said on the mount in Matthew 5:3 “Happy are those who are conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them”. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus showed us the way to true happiness. He explained how to settle disputes. He gave instruction on how to pray. He pointed out the wisest attitude to have toward material needs and gave the Golden Rule for...
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