Serious or Not?

21 January 2013
AP Language and Composition,
Serious Or Not?
Now in day you hear so many people talking about sports, yet obesity rates in society keep rising. Take a quick look in California from 1994 to 2008, the percentage of obese people went from 10-14% all the way up to 20- 24%, but that’s California. If you look at a different state like Oklahoma, in 1994, started off the same as California did with 10-14%, but then Oklahoma ended up with 30%+ people living in the state that were obese (Bowman). And the numbers keep rising. People don’t take athletics seriously.

People take athletics for granted and only see them as entertainment on television. Not all people do, but most do. All they do is talk about how the love a certain sport, for example, football and how they can’t wait for the Super Bowl that is coming up. But when was the last time they actually played football?

Most people get so excited to watch a game, whether if its football, hockey, baseball, or any sport, but when it comes to actually play the sport most fans don’t actually play it. My own cousin is one of those people. His name is Carlos.

When Carlos was in high school he played for the school’s football team, but got kicked off because of his grades. Now Carlos says he still loves football. His favorite team is San Francisco 49ers and now that they are officially in the Super Bowl he’s extremely excited to watch them play. I asked him when the last time he played football. He said it’s been over 5 years since he’s touched a football. Let’s just say Carlos isn’t the healthiest guy ever. I also asked him when the last time he worked out was. He said it’s been about a year since last time he worked out. Then I asked him when was the last time he watched a game before the game that he had just watched. His response was “I never miss their games”. Just like Carlos other people have time to watch television, but don’t have time to actually go out and play or work out. I find...
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