Serious Money Critique

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Serious Money Critique

By | November 2012
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Caryl Churchill’s Serious Money gives the audience a satirical glimpse into Britain’s financial crisis of the 1980s. “The Big Bang” changed the London Stock Exchange forever by implementing the use of computer technology. Trading could then occur instantly with open-outcry turned to electronic, screen based trading. Big opportunities opened up but corruption came alongside it. England was developing a severe problem because of the greatly corrupt, hyper masculine and merciless financial world. The theme of greed is most strongly conveyed in Serious Money. Its message is clear from the very first scene that dealings in the market have always been unethical. I agree with its message because the problems the play addressed are still current. That is what makes the play so timely. Serious Money demonstrates how insatiable people could be concerning money after “The Big Bang”. People seemed to never have enough. The characters displayed different forms of greed. Billy Cormon’s only concern is his goal of taking over Albion despite if the ways are legal or not. He cared about his profit and selfishly tells his employees to disregard their families as long as the job is done. Jacinta Condor and Nigel Ajibala work together and both go against their own country. They take the money out and invest it in a more lucrative country for their own benefit. Jactina invested in coca beans aka cocaine although it harms others. Serious Money follows the protagonist, Zac Zackerman, who acted as a narrator and shows up throughout most of the play to provide the audience with background information. He is a major figure in the network of traders, stockbrokers, corporate executives and bankers. Powerful figures such as Corman and Marylou Baines, an arbitrageur both relied on him. Zac kept himself calm and collected while he tried to maintain order after the murder of Paul Todd, a man who was involved with insider trading. However, Scilla, Paul’s sister continuously gets in...

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