Series and Parallel Pump

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Centrifugal pump, Pressure Pages: 3 (682 words) Published: October 6, 2012
The objective the experiment is to determine the flow rates and pressure head of a single pump and of two identical pumps. In this experiment, centrifugal pumps have been used to determine the flow rates and the pressure head. This experiment is conducted in series and parallel to identify the pressure different in both pumps. Centrifugal pump is known as one of the most widely used pumps for transferring liquids. It’s also known as a device to transfer mechanical energy from a prime mover into fluid energy to produce the flow of liquids. The pump is connected in 2 ways; in series and another as parallel pump. Centrifugal pump are connected in parallel because to provide enough flow rates compare to centrifugal pump that connected in series, the function is to provide enough head for the flow of liquids.

Experimental Methods
General start-up procedures:
Before any experiment is done, a check procedure is done to avoid any malfunction and misused of apparatus 1.The circulation tank is filled with water until the end of the pipe output is submerge with the water 2.The valve 5 is partially opened

3.The main power supply is switched on
4.The valve position is checked for the appropriate pump
Running Pump
Open Valve
Close Valve
Single Pump 1 ,P1 1,4 2,3
Serial Both Pump,P1 &
P2 1,3 2,4
ParallelBoth Pump,P1 &
P2 1,2,4 3

5.The pump is turned on and valve5 is slowly opened until maximum flowrate is achieved

Single 20 90
Series 20 90
Parallel 40 180

Experiment 1: Single Pump Operation

Fully Close
Valve Fully Open
Valve Variable
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