Serial Killer

Topics: Psychology, Human behavior, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: October 16, 2012
What makes a serial killer? Some people think that they are genetically pre-disposed to such behavior. Others argue that they are products of their often dysfunctional environments. Neither theory has been proven yet however, behavioral science experts have noticed several similarities in the traits and upbringings of serial killers. In September of 1984, a meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences was held. Professors Ralph D'Agostino and Ann W. Burgess, along with FBI behavioral specialists Robert Ressler and John Douglas, created an essay on serial killers. The essay was based on a study of thirty-six incarcerated murderers. The experts took note of the similarities between them. Through this study, they concluded that a majority of serial killers are highly intelligent white males. Although they are very smart, many of them do not excel in school. Many of them are unable to hold a steady job.

More often than not, serial killers come from troubled or broken homes. They are usually abandoned by their fathers and grow up in a female-dominated household. Many times there is a family history of mental illness, alcoholism and criminal behavior. They are often the victims of psychological, sexual or physical abuse (or any combination of the three). This abuse can result in lasting feelings of intimidation, embarrassment and helplessness. They grow up resenting their absent/abusive fathers and tend to transfer these feelings to other/all men. Many of them harbor feelings of animosity towards females because of domination by their mothers. They tend to become very misanthropic and antisocial.

Many serial killers exhibit signs of mental problems as children and have suicidal tendencies as teenagers. They often form deviant sexual habits and preferences. Some form fetishes that are considered socially undesirable. Some are infatuated with pornography. Others have voyeuristic sexual practices.

It is not to say that all people who exhibit...
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