Serdni Vashtar

Topics: Saint Peter, Apostle, Domestication Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: October 25, 2012
In front of the great pearly white gates stood a young boy by the name of Conradin. I knew of him, and had been debating as to what to do about him for a long time now. His case was rather peculiar, not like many I've seen before. Oh what to do, what to do, (I wouldn’t want this decision to haunt me for the rest of eternity) Wait I'm getting ahead of myself my name is St.Peter. I'm one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. I stand at the pearly gates deciding whether you go to heaven or hell (what a job, huh?).

The story of young Conradin starts off not much different from what you usually see these days. You see he was an orphan. He lived with Mrs.DeRopp, his cousin turned guardian. She was a wicked old woman who often treated him unfairly and sought to make him as unhappy as possible. (You can probably guess where Mrs.Deropp ended up or should I say down). All he had was himself and his wild imagination. Conradin confessed his deep hatred for his cousin. Although, that is a sin it’s not what is making this situation difficult. In fact, it is later on in the story, when Conradin began praising a ferret as a god. A ferret he named Sredni Vashtar. He stole valuable and even wished for the demise of his guardian on the belief that Vashtar was divine.

He kept this ferret in a tool shed where he went frequently to praise him. Upset that the young boy was spending so much time there, Mrs.Deropp went in one afternoon convinced he was keeping guinea pigs. She was determined to get rid of them. As she went in she realized that it was no guinea pig she was dealing with but instead a vicious ferret. But it was too late for poor Ms.Deropp… on the outside of the tool shed across the courtyard stood Conradin praying for the demise of his cousin. Once realizing his prayers were answered, he began to congratulate himself by cooking.

Still unable to decide Conradin the fate, I looked up into the glorious clouds and silently asked God what to do. As I did, I felt at...
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