Seras Lo Que Quieras Ser

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Who you are-Jessie J.


1. stare
2. heard
3. deceiving
4. blur.

1. Whay are you staring at?
2. Have you ever heard the news?
3. I thought my eyes were deceiving me.
4. I had a blur image about what happen there.


1. Suffocating
2. toll
3. ruins
4. pride
5. burned
6. hangover

1. They say that she was suffocating with a candy.
2. They have toll for the dead
3. The ruins of the maya culture are amazing.
4. She has too much pride, i hate that!.
5. The house burned in 1945.
6. The hangover of Jhonn it`s unforgettable.

Count on me.


1. Middle
2. sail
3. asleep
4. count
5. suposed


1. I Found in the middle of the nothing withaout you
2. She sailed into the room
3. Kate fall asleep
4. You can count on my in everithing you need
5. It suposed that you will goin to help me!

Don`t worry be happy.

1. frown
2. land
3. lord
4. loon
5. whatever


1. The buss frown up our propose.
2. This is the land of the reach people.
3. He is lord of all these peace of earth.
4. He is a loon person.
5. You can do whatever you what to do i really don`t care.

Let it be “THE BEATLES”


1. Whisper
2. wisdom
3. hearted
4. agree
5. parted
6. chance
7. cloudy
8. shines


1. In the house you can heard thousands of whispers
2. You say too much wisdom things.
3. You are a hearted person.
4. So you are agree with that i have to lived the apartement? 5. We parted on bad terms.
6. You will have the chance to do better things
7. I hate the cloudy days
8. You`re face shines like the sun.



1. Liying
2. regret


1. Kali is liying on you`re room
2. I never regret my decisions.

When i was your man.

1. bit
2. dumb
3. mistakes
4. apologize
5. should
6. hope.


1. Would you like a bit of cake?
2. I am too dumb to hurt her.
3. I promesed i will not have more mistakes.
4. You should apologize with her.
5. Should i go to the market?
6. Kylie really hope that you go to her party.


1. hanging
2. shadow
3. place
4. easy
5. yesterday

1. I been hanging out with my friends after the school year. 2. The shadow of our story don`t let me move on.
3. These place it`s beautiful
4. Don`t say that create a picture it`s easy
5. Yesterday i went to the groceries.

If today was your last day.


1. stone
2. unturned
3. grain
4. reminisce
5. Regardless
6. Swear up


1. He die because someone throw a stone and hit the boy on the headache. 2. The guitar of Daniel it`s very unturned.
3. They have a grain of truth.
4. She reminisce her birthay party
5. Regardless everthing i will always love you
6. I swear up never comeback to that houl

Chained –The XX


1. appears
2. tight
3. enough
4. ligh in
5. hold
6. sway
7. keep
8. slip
9. closer

1. She appears in house after you call me .
2. This dress it`s too tight
3. It`s enough WE FINISH
4. Light un the room please.
5. Just hold me and never let me go
6. Jhonn hit her to hold sway over her.
7. Let me keep in you`re house just for a few months
8. The dog slipped its leash
9. They are more closer to be a couple then friends.

METALLICA-Nothing else matters

1. far...
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