Sequential Process of Installing Three Different I/O Devices

Topics: Universal Serial Bus, Component video, Input/output Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: October 7, 2012
Sequential Process of Installing Three Different I/O Devices

Installing the input devices first, the input devices to be installed are the mouse and keyboard. Installing the mouse and keyboard sound so simple it can be if you know what type of connector the mouse and keyboard are there are four different types 5 pin round DI connector, 6 pin PS/2 connector, USB port, or wireless connection. Most computers now days are USB port. To install the mouse first I am installing a wireless mouse. The wireless connection plugs into the USB port you might have to install the CD that came with the mouse if the computer is not a plug and play. With a plug and play you do not have to install the CD. Once the mouse is working now let’s install the keyboard I am installing they keyboard that plugs into the USB port. This keyboard has special features that needs to be installed with the CD it came with. Just put the CD in the CD drive and run the setup.exe program on the installation screen, accept the agreements select the keyboard you are installing. It will ask you to restart your computer then plug in your keyboard it should be working now.

Installing the output devices second, the output device is the monitor. Before you install make sure you turn off the computer. I am installing a new 27” inch LCD flat screen monitor to the computer. The LCD flat screen inserts into the 15 pin VGA port standard analog video method of passing three separate signals for red, green, and blue. Once you have plugged the monitor in turn the computer back on you might have to install the monitor put the CD in the CD drive answer all of the questions that come up it might tell you to restart the computer so the rest of the installation can finish.

Installing a device that can be both input and output device and that is the video card. With the motherboard that was installed it has the space for a second video card. I am installing the second video card. Before you install the video...
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