Sequence Essay

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Sequence Essay
In a sequence essay, you are writing to describe a series of events or a process in some sort of order. Usually, this order is based on time. You organize the essay by writing about each step of the process in the order it occurred. Example question:| Write an essay outlining the stages of the salmon life cycle.| Introduction:| Describe what a salmon is like.|

Supporting paragraphs:| 1. Describe young salmon.|
| 2. Describe adult salmon.|
| 3. Describe what salmon do before they die.|
Summary paragraph:| Summarize the main steps of the salmon life cycle.|

Sequence Essay Example

Life Cycle of Tulips

The life cycle of tulips start when the bulbs are planted from mid-September to mid-November and ends when the leaves fade and eventually wither away. The cup-shaped flowers are beautiful to look at and have an ability to make a glum person cheerful. This article gives an insight into the life cycle of tulips.   

Tulips were considered to be the flowers of God due to their beauty and perfection, by the Turks. Many of us believe tulips are native of Holland. Contrary to the belief, there is not a single species of tulip native to Holland. Tulips belong to Central and Western Asia and it were the nomadic tribes who brought the tulips to Turkey. Turkey was called the Ottoman Empire in olden days. It were the Turks who popularized this beautiful spring flower, tulip. In the late 16th century, a European ambassador visited the Turkish Ottoman Empire. He was fascinated by the tulip garden of the Sultan. As a token of friendship, the Sultan presented the ambassador with bulbs and seeds. Ambassador presented part of his gift to the Roman emperor Ferdinand I and the remaining seeds and bulbs were to Carolus Clusius, a botanist, employed by the Roman Emperor. This is how tulips came to Europe. Carolus Clusius introduced tulips in Holland when he was appointed as the professor of Botany at Leiden University. Then onwards, the...
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