Sequel to the Dangerous Games

Topics: Rooms, Thought, Walking Pages: 4 (1582 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Rainsford headed home to his family, but ever since the “Man Hunt” he has been a different man. He acted differently ever since he came back home. He kept himself; he always was in his study, and just sits there. All his meals got sent to his study. He lost his job because he never came in. The family was running low on food, and they needed someone to go out hunting. Rainsford wife went out hunting for food. Sooner or later Rainsford wife divorced him, because he did nothing around the house but stay in his study.

A doctor came to his house because his ex-wife got worried of him, because he had never left the house. The doctor examined him, and realizes he was paralyzed from shock. Apparently the shock of him living kicked in a little bit too late. It was a year of penalization for him. He lost everything, his job, his kids, and his wife. He swore that he will get revenge on Whitney. He planned and planned for months and months on his revenge. He finally thought of a brilliant idea of how to get revenge.

He sent out an invitation letter to Whitney to come to his place and visit. It took about a week for any reply to come but Whitney finally replied and said he would come to his place, and visit; he will be there a week after he gets this letter. A week went by and there was a knock at the door, and when Rainsford answered the door Whitney was standing there. “Thank you for coming sir Whitney” Rainsford said “Same to you. Um… Where can I lay my bags?” Whitney replied. “Oh just go down the hallway last room to the left.”

“Thank you” Whitney said while walking down the hallway.
Dinner time came by and Rainsford cooked up a big meal for just the two of them. Whitney was shocked and surprise of how much food Rainsford had made for the both of them. “Are you really thinking that you and I will eat all of this?” Whitney questioned. “Oh no, I know that we both can’t eat all this up in one night, but it will be good for leftovers for tomorrow.” “Oh” Whitney said...
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