Septoplasty Research Paper

Topics: Nose, Surgery, Nasopalatine nerve Pages: 4 (966 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Surgical Procedure Card - Student Case Study # 9

Efren Gonzalez date 4/18/12

Procedure name and purpose/ definition: Septoplasty / bilateral tonsillectomy. ;is a corrective surgical procedure done to straighten the nasal septum. ; surgical procedure in which the tonsils are removed from either side of the throat. What is the prognosis of the procedure? to give a good breathing passage. and to stop inflammation of the tonsils Patient level : adult

Gender : female
Additional pertinent patient/ procedure information: n/a
Probable preoperative diagnosis ; Nasal septal deviation ; Tonsillitis Diagnostic intervention ; diviated nasal septal.
Discuss the relevant anatomy and physiology;septum - made up primarily of cartilage and bone and covered by mucous membranes. The cartilage also gives shape and support to the outer part of the nose. The nose is the major portal of air exchange between the internal and external environment. The nose participates in the vital functions of conditioning inspired air toward a temperature of 37°C and 100% relative humidity, providing local defense and filtering inhaled particulate matter and gases. It also functions in olfaction, which provides both a defense and pleasure for the individual Pathophysiology (disease process). disrupted sleep patterns, headaches

List the equipment that will be needed for this procedure: forced air warming device , valley lab bovie, sitting stool, fiber optic headlight,

List the instrument pans/sets used: nasal procedures tray, microdrill, endoscopic.

list the supplies that will be needed for the procedure.

pack =sinus pack


drains= penrose 1/4 x 18 (but did not see it on the field used)

suture= 3-0 nylon suture, 4-0 vicryl

basin set= single

drapes=, 1/2 sheet , adhesive strip across the forehead. U drape

dressings= 4x4,

pharmaceuticals = NS for irrigation 1000cc, lidocaine 0.5%, epinephrine 1%, lidocaine...
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