September 11 Attacks and World Trade Center

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  • Published : June 4, 2013
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Watching the movie 102 minutes for the second time opened my eyes to the tragedy of 9/11 more than it did the first time. Being only six years old at the time of the incident, I didn’t truly understand the magnitude of the disaster until years later. The quality of the movie made it very clear to me just how painful being around the World Trade Center buildings during the attack was, not only for the people in the buildings that were hit, but for the people around as well. The feeling of helplessness that the bystanders must have felt in addition to the feeling of fear must have been unbearable. Seeing the footage of the attack in such clear video made it feel as though it was like a Hollywood movie rather than a real traumatic event that tainted America’s history as well as the security of the nation as a whole, not just New Yorkers. The memories that watching 102 minutes brought back were memories of confusion more than anything. As a first grader, the magnitude of a terrorist attack was not something within my realm of comprehension. I remember being so confused when my mom picked me up early from school on a normal Tuesday. I remember wanting to know why my parents were crying for hours and why no one was telling me what was wrong.

The quality of the video in itself made the attack hit home harder than just the professional filmmakers. The “amateur” filmmakers showed the true emotions of the day rather than just capturing the shot. Being able to hear the voices of individuals who were present at the time of the plane strikes tugs on the heartstrings harder than just the videographer’s interpretations after the fact. The real-life reactions hurt more to hear.

Before the attacks on 9/11, the neighborhood surrounding the World Trade Center buildings was a very populated, cosmopolitan area full of thriving businesses and other free-market style places. The area was transformed into a sullen and solemn area that is stricken with...
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