September 11, 2001

Topics: September 11 attacks, World Trade Center, United States Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 27, 2013

Americans suffered such disappointment on September 11, 2001. Things have not been the same since that day occurred, nor will they ever be. It took many lives and changed many. The United States has been changed forever. The world will never forget what happened that day, who did it, and how ordinary Americans rose to the occasion. Things were peaceful on that September day until four planes were hijacked by terrorists. Tower One was struck by the first plane, and people were hesitant on what to do. Nothing like this has happened before. When the second plane crashed into Tower Two, they ran for their lives. Our country may stay insecure forever. The World Trade Center was blazing, debris was falling, and bodies were hitting the ground. People were weeping in despair while covered in ash and soot. First responders were running around everywhere trying to save lives. What they do is not easy in any kind of manner; they are risking their lives in most everything they do. Americans will never overlook the ones who sacrificed their lives for us that day. There were people running around searching for their loves ones, witnessing no sign of them. The stench of dead bodies and smoke filled the air. People were leaping out of windows, so they did not get burnt up. On that day, 2,950 people were killed. It is depressing to think that a few people can do so much damage and kill so many people. The people of our country will never forget what happened that day, who did it, and how ordinary Americans rose to the occasion. The world was in total shock that day. These events will never be forgotten. The United States has been changed forever.

Kenzie Belcher
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