September 11, 2001

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Brooklyn Technical High School
29 Fort Greene Place
Brooklyn, New York, 11217

November 27, 2012

New York City Council Member Letitia James
District 35
67 Hanson Place
Ground Floor
Brooklyn, New York, 11217

To city council member Leticia James,
“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. -Malcolm X September 11th, 2001 was a day when the United States were attacked in New York City and Washington D.C, the Twin Towers were attacked as well as the Pentagon. A reinvestigation of the original story of 9/11 is imperative due to the damage of the Pentagon, Project Achilles (alleged phone calls), and the unusual amount of “put options” days before the attack transpired. One reason why there should be a reinvestigation of the original story of 9/11 is because of the damage to the pentagon. The original narrative states that a plane specifically a Boeing 757 had crashed into the Pentagon, which couldn’t have been since there was no type of plane wreckage found. Also, there were pictures that showed a hole in the pentagon. The hole was circular and too small (less than twenty feet) to have been a Boeing 757. Since the hole was too small and there wasn’t any type of plane wreckage found at the scene, it is a strong possibility that the Boeing 757 couldn’t have hit the Pentagon. Basing on the size and shape of the hole it may have been a tomahawk cruise missile that hit the Pentagon instead. ((Loose Change; 2nd Edition, Dylan Avery, 2005-2006). (See Appendix A). (See Appendix B). Another reason it is imperative for a reinvestigation of the original narrative of 9/11 is Project Achilles (cell phone experiment). The original narrative stated that hijackers seized one of he planes during 9/11 and held the passengers captive. The narrative also stated that while the plane was being hijacked and the passengers were being held captive phone calls...
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