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Downton Abbey Script
Christmas Special 2011
By Julian Fellowes

ACT ONE [00:00:00, EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - DAY] [OPENING CREDITS: A man drives a truck holding a large pine tree.] -[00:00:08, EXT. DOWNTON ABBEY, FRONT DOOR - DAY] [Thomas exits the front door to direct the workers unloading the tree.] THOMAS Come here. Up you get. Start untying these ropes. Come on, quickly as you can. -[00:00:17, INT. GREAT HALL - DAY] [Daisy walks into the hall where Robert and Carson direct as Edith and O'Brien decorate the tree.] LADY EDITH What do you think, Mary? LADY MARY Perfect. ROBERT Well...Yes, a little bit higher. [Daisy stands admiring the tree. Mrs Hughes passes by and sees her standing there with the buckets of cleaning supplies.] MRS HUGHES Daisy, get downstairs with those, now! [Daisy scurries off and Mrs Hughes is captured by the sight of the Christmas tree as the lights turn on.] LADY MARY Ah. Lovely. ROBERT Ah. Well, I say. -[00:00:51, EXT. ROAD - DAY] [Lady Rosamund's car drives towards Downton. Her maid, Marigold Shore catches sight of the house.]

[00:01:07, EXT. DOWNTON ABBEY, FRONT DOOR - DAY] [Thomas opens the door for Rosamund. Mary and Edith greet her as she steps out.] LADY ROSAMUND Mary. LADY MARY Happy Christmas. LADY ROSAMUND And to you. -[00:01:18, INT. LIBRARY - DAY] [Violet reads the Christmas cards sitting on a table.] -Christmas 1919 [00:01:29, INT. GREAT HALL - DAY] [The family hands out presents to the servants.] CORA Anna, this is for you. LADY MARY The usual cloth for a frock, I‟m afraid, but I hope you like the other thing. ANNA BATES I‟m sure I will, milady. Thank you. CORA We all prayed for him in church this morning. ROBERT Happy Christmas, Anna. ANNA Happy Christmas. [Edith hands a gift to Mary, who hands it to Cora, who presents it to Mrs Patmore.] CORA

I can‟t wait for you to open this. MRS PATMORE Thank you, Your Ladyship. ROBERT Happy Christmas, Mrs Patmore. [Anna returns to her place next to Mrs Hughes.] MRS HUGHES What did Her Ladyship say? CORA O‟Brien? [O'Brien steps forward to receive her gift.] ANNA BATES She was just being kind. CORA Happy Christmas and thank you for your... MRS HUGHES I wish I could tell you not to worry. EDITH AND MARY Happy Christmas. ANNA BATES My husband‟s on trial for his life, Mrs Hughes. Of course I worry. MRS HUGHES Well, I‟m old fashioned enough to believe that they can‟t prove him guilty when he‟s not. CORA Daisy. [Daisy steps up to receive her gift.] CORA This is for you.

DAISY MASON Thank you, milady. EDITH AND MARY Happy Christmas. [Carson opens his gift.] MR CARSON “The Royal Families of Europe.” Oh, my. I shall find this very interesting, my lord. ROBERT Good. [Anna opens up her small gift from Mary. It's a golden heart pin.] MRS HUGHES (admiringly) Oh! [Anna looks up and Mary nods to her with a smile.] -[00:02:38, INT. SERVANTS‟ HALL - DAY] [The younger servants wear paper hats and pull crackers.] MRS HUGHES I don‟t want to spoil their fun, but I couldn‟t wear a paper hat, not with poor Mr Bates locked away. MR CARSON His Lordship said much the same. MARIGOLD SHORE Is Mr Bates the one Lady Rosamund told me about? The murderer? MR CARSON Mr Bates has most unjustly been accused of murder. That is all. MARIGOLD SHORE “All”? I should think that‟s quite enough for most people. -[00:03:06, INT. LIBRARY - DAY] [Cora hands out gifts.]

VIOLET Thank you. [Edith pours tea while Matthew looks at something at the table.] LADY EDITH Would you like tea? SIR RICHARD CARLISLE Why do we have to help ourselves at luncheon? ROBERT It‟s Downton tradition. They have their feast at lunch time and we have ours in the evening. SIR RICHARD CARLISLE But why can‟t they have their lunch early and then serve they normally do? LADY MARY Because it‟s Christmas Day. SIR RICHARD CARLISLE It‟s not how we‟ll do it at Hacksby. VIOLET Which I can easily believe. [Violet opens her present.] VIOLET Oh, this is nice. This is—what is it? ISOBEL What does it look like?...
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