Sepoy Rebellion

Topics: Hinduism, India, Indian Rebellion of 1857 Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Sepoy Rebellion

To start off the Sepoys were a group of Indian soldiers that worked for the European forces. These soldiers worked for the East Indian Company's army. In May 1857 they started a mutiny, or a rebellion. This brought on many other rebellions, and basically a war for independence.

There were many economic, religious, political, and military reasons behind the revolts. The Indians themselves had pure hatred for the British. This also was not an overnight deal. It took about a year, it was more of a war then a simple rebellion.

During the sixteenth and seventeenth century the East Indian Company, traded the Indians for textiles, and other goods for gold and other metals. This was going really good, but the British government put a ban on the Indian textiles. Then in turn the Industrial Revolution was happening and the British were able to make their own textiles. So they stopped buying them from the Indians. But they bought their basic materials from them. This made it really hard for the small families that made their living on making textiles to sell.

With the new changes, and the East Indian Company making a huge profit on this new system, the unemployment rate in India was going up. These people were getting very upset with the British rule. Soon the economy was completely controlled by the East Indian Company, and they did nothing to improve the conditions for the people. The British then started taking peoples land from them, this enraged them. When they were taken over by the British the men in the army lost their jobs as well, this caused about 60,000 families to loose everything. Last but not least, all of the people who held any political job lost their job as well. The Indian people were loosing everything they had.

The British had missionaries go to the Indian territories, to make them convert to Christianity. The missionaries constantly made fun of the ways of the Muslim and Hindu people. They even went as far as...
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