Sephora Retail Observation

Topics: Sense, Perfume, Olfaction Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Retail Observation #2
For my retail observation two I visited a store that I have never shopped. Sephora located in King of Prussia Mall. I choose the store because it was a completely foreign environment to be observing. Sephora is also an interesting store to observe the sense in as almost all products in the store are built to attract the senses. Sight

1. The first sight that is very noticeable when entering the store is the lighting. Walking into Sephora can be quite overwhelming with all of the bright light bulbs that reflect off the abundance of mirrors. 2. The next sight that I noticed was organization. All of the product was very neatly organized by brand and color. This was very appealing to the eye as everything seemed organized and had a nice flow. Touch

1. Touch plays a massive role in the shopping experience at Sephora. Most of the product differentiates itself from the competitors with unique packaging. Sephora has a tester that you can touch to help make your final purchasing decision. 2. The second touch that I experienced was the warmth of the lights in the store. The lights gave a unique in store feeling that I feel adds to the shopping experience.

1. Sound was definitely present in the store, as the overhead music set the character and feel of the store. Light techno music played that gave the store a modern and upbeat feel, music similar to what I would imagine to be at a runway show. 2. The second noticeable sound was the amount of echo the store had. The store was crowded and with everyone talking and moving product, the sound became a bit overwhelming. Sound was definitely the least successful. Taste

1. I first noticed the taste sensation while walking through the landing strip when I saw an advertisement for an apple-flavored lip-gloss that featured a large apple; this left the taste of apple on my mind. 2. The second taste that I experienced was when I was in the actual lip makeup area. Almost all...
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