Seperation Techniques

Topics: Mixture, Salt, Water Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Title: Separations of Mixtures
Aim: To see how different separation techniques separate different mixtures

Introduction: A mixture is a physical union of substances therefore being easy to separate. Most mixtures separate by physical means. There are different separation techniques to separate homogenous and heterogeneous mixtures.

Apparatus: Spatula
Bunsen burner
Filter funnel
Filter paper
Conical flask
Glass rod
Sicilia grains
Sodium chloride
Test tube

Methods: Experiment A- The Separation of a Mixture of Sodium Chloride and Silica

First silica sodium chloride was placed in the beaker with a spatula 1/3 of water was added to the beaker
The water began to boil
It was removed from the Bunsen flame and poured into the filter funnel No sodium chloride mixture was passed. Only water and it was clear Some water was placed back into the filter paper to ensure that nothing does not go through The liquid in the beaker is placed in an evaporating dish It was placed on the Bunsen flame

As the water began to boil salt crystals begin to form around the sides of the dish Scrape the salt crystals from the sides as they begin to form so they can go to the middle of the dish

Once removed from heat the salt crystals was left

Experiment B- A Separation of Mixture of Iodine and Sodium Chloride

First Iodine and sodium chloride was placed into the test tube with a spatula...
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