Separation of a Mixture Containing Calcium Carbonate and Naphthalene

Topics: Solubility, Solubility equilibrium, Temperature Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: October 18, 2011
9/29/11 3:00pm
Michaela Howard
Partner: Craig Delancy

Separation of a Mixture Containing Calcium Carbonate and Naphthalene

Finding a method to successfully separate a mixture of calcium carbonate and naphthalene.

Properties to be considered:
Calcium Carbonate Naphthalene
Solubility in water slightly insoluble
Solubility in ethanol insoluble partially
Melting point 825 degrees C 80.2 degrees C
Boiling point decomposes 218 degrees C

Subliming the mixture seemed to be the most practical solution due to the information given in lab by the instructor of the calcium carbonate and the naphthalene. Their properties of solubility with water or ethanol was either slightly soluble or insoluble, making extraction by solubility a definite no with using this experiment to separate the mixture. The mixture was made by combining 0.511g of naphthalene with 0.350 g of calcium carbonate. It was then placed into a mortar and ground up into a fine powder. Once the mixture was ground up, the sample was placed into a fairly large beaker (80 mL). Using the sublime approach to separate, the hardest task was finding the right height of the ring stand away from the flame and finding the right temperature the flame gave off. Also making sure the flame of the bunsen burner circulated the outside portions of the beaker so that it wouldn't break the glass, balancing out the temperature instead of it being in one spot. Placing a watch glass on top of the beaker, with ice placed upon top of that, the mixture was heated until a reaction took place, resulting in small crystals began forming on the sides of the beaker with some on top as well. This was an indication that a smaller beaker was to be used next experiment. However, after the mixture was separated, the beaker was then left in the drawer of the lab for week to cool off at room temperature. The watch glass and the beaker were then scraped for the...
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